Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ON Giving Up

To stop does not mean to give up
I simply need to heal my wounds
To stop the blood from flowing
I’m giving myself a chance to live

My thoughts are not your thoughts
Neither my wants your wants
But who is wrong
Is there a right

I can understand your words
But am unable to express my own
We discuss and attempt
But can never agree

I want you near me, beside me
But you misunderstand my meaning
I cry and ache for your presence
But I do not wish for your heart

Perhaps I am incapable of love
A beautiful cold empty shell
A wonderful bauble found on the beach
But dull and useless on your shelf


Ka Juror said...

a lovely poem on a great site. Thanks sir

utoy said...

utoy here..

invite mo naman kami ng bf ko sa mcc kc napa religious nun eh nkwento ko sa kanya interested cya hahaha