Thursday, August 31, 2006

Religious Freedom for SAME SEX Marriage?

Tulad ng dati pagkatapos ng akin "midnight supper" (yup, i always take my supper that late because I usually get out of work by eleven pm na) I tried to watch the late news and the documentary shows that follows it sa mga local channel.

Last night, PROBE TEAM had the issue of the Jehovah's witnesses members who got blessing from the Spiritual Leader in terms of their "matrimonial status." The two had been married to other people in their past before they met each other in 1979 (I supposed both of them are already seperated from their spouses then). Just recently, the court accredit their "matrimonial union" as vested by their religion into something that is legal.

The decision of the court earn some raised eyebrows from different people of the society (Naku sa pinas pa na nagpapakonserbatibong ipokrito) most especially sa Catholic Church (bago mag isip, katoliko po ako). Calling the desisyon, blasphemous in its very essence. It is destroying daw the core and foundation of "marriage" dahil nga kasal na sa iba and parehong sangkot.

But the court ruled that the state cannot touch the religious freedom bestowed in every man. So thats it!

I think a month ago, Jed and I were arguing about this issue and its legality. Knowing jed, sa kanyang pagiging mainitin ang ulo. I told him that the decision of the court can be precedent for same sex marriage., and both of us debated. Both of us concentrated lang on the definition of marriage as stipulated in the Constitution.

Personally, I would want to get married, siempre iba pa rin yung feeling ng kinasal ka di ba? And the ecumenical church I am involve with, "unites" same sex by the marital union. So I must admit I got so excited.

Really hope it is that easy. I am looking deeper on the legelity of this court decision. Intriguing really...

ATTENTION: JED me bagong issue na naman tayong pagdedebatihan! lolz!

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