Thursday, August 31, 2006

Religious Conversion

Sometime late last night - in between my wish and enough sleep to get by another day and my troubled mind about the bite mark at mantra (grr!), I got into thinking about MCC (the Metropolitan Community Church - Philippines,) an ecumenical congregation which I am part of, and the way we can comeup with a fullproof way of bringing back the lost sheep to the hallowed halls of the church. Seriously, whether others will admit it or not, the more people attending the congregatiopn the more impact it can create for the Philippine LGBT Community. Seriously doubt there's actually dwindling church attendance as the hysterical reports say but I don't see how the holy fathers could turn away a few other lost souls to their congregation. This is when me and me talk.

Somehow or rather, innocent talk about conversions and good christian boys started straying into baptismal fonts and then into far more dangerous territory - as we started comparing the relative merits of having sexy dark priests serve communion in wet white thongs - instead of the boring cassock. Although daughter of Christ, me faithfully decried such a scandalous notion, I found myself thinking otherwise. Surely handing out white thongs amongst the well-endowed amongst the budding "clergy" would help increase attendance by a thousand-fold - especially with those wicked unrepenting "sodomites" who'd no doubt be scrambling to be admitted into the House of God.

And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from evil!

Puerile and dirrrty... I know. The blasphemous thoughts that get into my head when I'm struggling to keep awake at 3 in the morning and pretending to be sleep. Certainly idle mind, the Devil's workshop and all that.

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