Thursday, August 31, 2006

On Simple Life

Top 10 Life's Simplest Pleasures
( in no particular order actually )

10. Cuddling my pillow while watching dvd's, Preferably with someone special but a solo act is acceptable. (Dahil madalas naman tulugan ako ni Mantra or ako ang maunang matulog! lolz)

9. Lazing away a Sunday afternoon on my daybed doing absolutely nothing flipping through my dvd collection and dreaming impossible dreams. This I have been and took a sabbathical leave from MCC for the month of August, dont get me wrong, I still attend church hours, on a much nearer place close to home.

8. Listening to my favorite records.

7. The sweet thrill of holding a new book in my hands. The sheer indescribable scent of freshly minted pages and the anticipation of opening new unimaginable vistas.

6. Taking a road trip with someone you love - having your hands inadvertently touch and link together. (Hay, one day Mantra.)

5. Realizing that you're off from work at a surprisingly early hour! Nothing like receiving sudden unlooked-for blessings. Imagine what experiences you can have as you sneak your way out of the office! The people! The sights! The tastes of MASILOG! :) Yeah, I am single-minded. (lolz)

4. Finding that perfect purchase for a bargain basement price of the ukay landia. The perfect fit of the perfect jeans. The beautiful cut of that lagapayo shirt. The impossibly suitable addition to your home decor whether it's that maximalist bling bling.

3. Late night chats with a best friend, whether dissing the latest heartthrobs they have in line or discussing the latest scandalous on-dit at work.

2. kissing my Baby.

1. Waking up early in the morning to watch the man I love sleeping next to me.

Reading this, I just realized that I am kinda a sap :) A somewhat skanky sap but still, pretty much a sap.

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