Friday, May 12, 2006

Masilog: Unang Pagtatagpo

Today, marks my second month relationship with mantra. Shit! dalawang buwan na akong Masaya!

Ordinaryo lang ang kuwento ng una namin pagkikita. Textmate kami for weeks and then we decided to meet up at BO's Cafe sa SM North EDSA. Galing siya ng work nya sa makati, at ako manggagaling pa din sa work. I met him up with kasama si Aian, I was late for an hour I think. Erratic talaga kasi ang sched ko sa partime job ko.

BO's Cafe - SM North EDSA

I arrived in the place and started to look for Aian first, though I think I had a glance of him already - skin head, black shirt with a print "Make Him Beg." that was hid description for me to easily recognize him.

Aian was seated in front of the counter, so gave him a ready nod and scan the place again, this time to look for him. It was him that I so earlier, he throw me back a smile which I openly accepted - ang cute ng gago! I asked aian if we could just transfer to his table. So we did.

After introducing each other and my litany of apologies to both. I grabbed to red iced tea, for me and aian. Nakakadalawang coffee na daw kasi siya bago ako dumating. Toink!

Kami lang atang dalawa ni Aian ang daldal ng daldal buong magdamag na iyon. Medyo nahihiya ata siya, I dont know really. But I would occassionally throw a smile at him and asked him if he is okay. Puta! Na love at first sight ata ako sa mokong na ito. And I was trying not to let it show.

"You like him NOH?" Aian inquisitively asking while Mantra took a step towards the rest room.

"Nope, what makes you say that?" I am faking it.

"Wala lang, you look so excited." he continue.

Aian is a long time "suitor". He would always tells me that he likes and love me. Though I am not really paying attention to it. Dont get me wrong Aian is okay - smart, funny and beautiful as he is. Just cant find this thing in me to fall in love with him. I am settled with a fact that I am caring for him as a dear friend. Besides, medyo I am not comfortable with his sincerity. Parang daming loop holes sa expression nya ng love.

Back to my love Story...

It was almost 12 midnight I think when we all decided to go home, although nag aaya pa si Aian sa Malate, that I rejected kinda feeling so tired na rin. Aian take a cab first, Mantra and I took the Bus home. He is from Valenzuela. Monumento was where we drop off, I told him na wag na bumaba para derecho na siya sa bahay but he insisted na ihahatid nya daw ako sa sakayan ko ng jeep. Ang kulit ng lolo nyo kaya wala na ako magawa.

Something tells me after that night everything will change and it did. We are now celebrating our Two Monthsary! Tulad ng nasa unahan, DALAWANG BUWAN NA AKONG MASAYA AT MUKHANG TUTULOY NA!

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