Monday, January 23, 2006

Bittersweet Mirage

Bittersweet mirage, I surrender my heart to you.
(Dear one, I am not deceived)

I kiss the precious disaster that you are.
(Beyond the anguish, I feel the glory)

In eternity, I wait for you; just as you wait for me.
(If not in this life, I will know you there)

Home at last, words cannot describe our intimacy.
(The chains have dropped, the fear is gone)

The distance between us cannot survive here.
(Two souls dissolving into one radiance)

I will miss you, my love.
(In perfect joy, my heart weeps for the face it will never see again)

Only tenderness remains.

Peace without limit.
(Just so)


I subtly breathe in.
(I will see you again....)

Friends, are you romantic with souls? Are your friends as blessed as the object of your romantic affection? With whom would you be willing to take this journey? A lover, certainly. But who else? Whose soul would you let mix with yours? Who else could you melt with, dissolved as radiance, released as all?
In truth, I do not know how to be romantic with human beings. Perhaps there is much you can teach me. Perhaps you can help bring my heart into my body, into this waking life. Perhaps you will know how to touch me.
Perhaps not.

But I am not worried, for my heart still sings out: Friends, are you romantic with souls?

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