Saturday, September 11, 2010

hilot ala ventosa

You run your fingers down my back
Softer, harder, rhymically, faster, slower,
Deep into the knots that represent
My inability to sit up straight.
The oil smells faintly of fields
But it feels good against my tired muscles.
The soft music drifts to my ears
Relaxing the thoughts of work and play
To a dull buzz in the background.
The blankness is what I long for
During sleep, when I only get nightmares
And confusing dreams of the future.
Too soon, you are finished,
And I must return to the harshness,
The realities of life.

Friday night, right after the first day of the wedding expo where I and glenn attended to help a good friend. He went to SHUI (shway) spa clinic at Perea, Makati City. It was really a surprise, although glenn has been telling me about this little surprise for a week now. Well I do hate surprises, i dont know why but I just dont like them. I dont like the idea of getting off guard about things that is going to happen. But like what I have said, glenn already told me there will be a little surprise for me and kept on asking me if i am stress - so more likely I already have the idea of what the surprise is but I cant let him know that or it will spoil the idea, well now he know (sorry, hon). True enough it was a nice spa treat. Something I really wanna have for the longest time I remember but cant do because of schedules.

So there we were, the eucalyptic air caressess and calm our senses and for more than two hours we had the more soothing experience.

Thank you so much, hon. I love you.

Well Ill tell more about glenn soon. Its a love story worth every detail.


Glenn said...

i was busy then doing the model's make-up when he wanted me to glance at this just-finished blog...

I don't know the word or what words to say but i really felt you while reading this just now. I felt you very warm and i'm proud to have you and be with you. I love you!

khalel said...

I love you more hon, you know that.