Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Pages upon pages
I have traversed time
I blink
Three days pass
And no memories remain

The synapses are slower than before
I breathe
I consume
I procreate
And I have no concept of what occurs

Yet three days later the synapses return
Flashing faster than I ever thought possible
I am talking without thinking
This is unfiltered truth
Spilling my guts to strangers
Not caring if I'm ignored

I am acting independently
But I am still running in circles
Breathe, consume, procreate
A three step program to happiness
Breathe, consume, procreate
A three step program to life
Breathe, consume, procreate
A three step program to destruction
I have lost the knowledge that makes me human

I am a caged animal
On display in the zoo
I am entertainment
I am here to show you what your greatest fear is

You are all afraid of me

Nay, you are all afraid that you are the same as me

That is why you never take your eyes off me
You stare at me
Through me
Around me
You are all afraid that we are all animals

Breathe, consume, procreate
Is that not why we are here?
Take one factor out of the equation and we are wiped off the face of the Earth
All of this talk that creative thought makes us special
We have never contemplated
That "they" have it too
That there is no difference
Besides our outward appearance

This is fear
And yes
I am afraid

Yet I find solace in the fact that you are all the same as me
You breathe
You consume
You procreate

Nothing more
Nothing less
Nothing will be the same again


Charles Roth said...

very moving and emotional.

khalel said...

thank you charles