Monday, July 21, 2008


i've always had a certain degree of fascination with the moon. it's the embodiment of change perpetual with its face waxing and waning constantly each and every month. and it's never so ubiquitous when full. a bright disc in a backdrop of deep black, a full moon illuminates, its halo of light radiating towards a darken earth below. maybe it's these astrophysical attributes of the full moon that lend themselves so easily to its more unsubstantiated metaphysical aesthetics. some people believe that the time of a full moon is something magical as all things possible - both good and bad - are more likely to happen. i think i'm open to believing that now.

one night, feeling very sorry for myself, i saw a waning full moon suspended in the dark sky. having nothing else to lose - not even my ever-present lucidity - i made a wish to that celestial orb, an act that i've not been wont to do before. i asked for strength, for happiness and for someone special to come into my life. maybe it was done out of desperation, maybe for hope. whatever case, it was done in the moment and one forgotten just as quickly.

as i made my way home early saturday morning from an *amazing night out, that familiar sight was again in the sky. partly obstructed by clouds, it raced alongside the cab as i riding on. and looking up, staring uninterrupted into that white, bright orb did i remember the wishes made from the month before.since then i've found strength and happiness - a fact certainly obvious to regular readers of this blog and most especially to my family and friends - though i thought the last one still eluded me. but as i recounted the events of the previous nite in my head, perhaps i had been granted that wish as well.

kisses were exchanged, sentiments shared and even hands were held. the venue and time may have been the same to that of the month before, the circumstances somewhat similar, but the feeling is completely different. there's a positive, open vibe to this. although cautious about getting ahead of myself, i sat there a little while longer, just staring and thinking. when i finally made my way inside, i found myself smiling.

I got my ring back. I have found my new strength.

the moon have heard me well.

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