Thursday, July 03, 2008

Luhaang Langit

you were to touch the weeping sky;
ascending to the clouds
like a raindrop rising back to its creator
floating in free space
majestic solace emanates

a shining star in the paleness of the world;
you rose up slowly in search of sorrow
you rose up slowly in search of gray clouds
you rose up slowly to break the pain

a brush of your delicate hand stops the bleeding of thousands
air remains wispy whilst you glide in gently
the connection of a fingertip sends ripples asunder
as the gray clouds rip apart in serene obliteration

you have created a path for the tears to fall again
tears of sunlight fall down to earth;
rays darting down in bursts of sprints

there is hope in the world again.


Anonymous said...

i love the positivity of this one. kakainspire. :)

khalel said...

ken, thank you. It is People like who inspire me to write these kind of things! Cheers to Peace and Love!