Thursday, March 13, 2008

[Un] Loved

I look into you hollow blue eyes
And feel my heart being ripped apart
I know now that I am unloved
Not by not by anyone

I am alone and there is no one here to catch my fall
I hit solid ground, with no support
I am unloved
And left alone

I am a contaminated being
My living creates suffering around others
They always seem to leave me
I am unloved

I am held in your empty arms
Knowing you have no feelings
Knowing that this will lead me no where
Because I am Unloved
Not by you not by anyone

Your kiss upon my mouth holds nothing but disgust
You remember not the feelings I poured into you
But the anger you felt
I through myself upon you
Hoping, praying that you will catch me
But you don’t
Since I am unloved

Alone in this world
No where to turn
Nowhere to run
I am Unloved
Not by you not by anyone


The post photo is my newest.


cant_u_read said...

flying to bohol in 4 days!


Sh@ney said...

You have been added to the LGBT Bloggers List I am compiling because I think you are fabulous.
I want a special place for our blogs to be listed. It is a Bloggers List Blog for all LGBT persons. You are welcome to link back using one of the banners I created or a simple link - though not necessary of course. Also feel free to email me with any number of blogs you may like that are not listed already.
Thankyou for your support!
hugs & take care

P.s I used to run the Pride Place Blog which won your award of the month last year sometime and also Blog Shaney but both have been removed...I now run LGBT Bloggers List and my personal blog is

dazedblu* said...

OoOohh.. i love the bulge :)

Miss this blog khalel, think your also busy with work, seems updating this blog was often times if you went, eh?

Hope to read more, and all of us felow bloggers could get back to the scene.

Gerald Galindez said...

hey khalel,

just passed by to this honest blog of yours, kinda reflect the kind of person you are..

you make good poems, i admire that,
you have a photographic touch., a taste rare in humans... LOL

trully yours,
gerald galindez
a fellow pinoy poet.