Monday, March 31, 2008


Sometimes mountains seem to crumble over night.
And we are often pushed to the limit with no more will to fight.
We cry ourselves to sleep because of the memories of the past.
And its a striking realization when pillows don't hug back.

I've traveled a long hard way on a beaten worn down road.
I've often felt abandoned and betrayed in facing the great unknown.
But I've come a long way from the gray place in which I used to be.
But I've had my own trials and am often brought crashing down to my knees.

I've had my pride torn down and my self-asteem ripped apart.
Can you even find my heart among all of the pieces and broken shards?
This is the place where I admit I am not everything I thought I knew.
So here is the weight on my shoulders that I offer you as truth.

Sometimes songs fade to black and disappear into the night.
With angels weaping at a lost world with their golden wings as they take flight.
Lost in a sea of empty feelings that surround our pasts.
And its a striking realization when pillows don't hug back.


faggotry said...

Strikingly beautiful. Depressing, but not in the overwhelming way.

Will watch this space ;)

Anonymous said...

je suis impressioné par la qualité du blog, mais very depressif, non ?

khalel said...

Anonymous Merci. Chaque histoires et les poèmes sont écrits et sont inspirés des déchirures.

khalel said...

faggotry, thank you so much for appreciating this space.

jimmy jackson said...

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