Friday, February 01, 2008

Where Does One Begin to End?

those thoughts in my head do a sort of endless pirouette.
those emotions in my heart clamber onto a carousel.
those beliefs in my soul flutter as butterflies might.


but the pirouettes slow down.
but the carousel breaks.
but those butterflies tremble.


fervor without fire.
romance without credence.
promise without excuses.


is hope itself tangible? lest I taint it by touch.
is love itself possible? lest I cease to dream.
is truth itself within? lest I lie to myself.


where does one begin to end?


D.A. Becker said...

Logically, each beginning is the messenger of an ending.

Like all circles of life teach us: there is no ending without a beginning, so can something ever begin without ending?

It is quite depressing, actually.

Anonymous said...

or when does one end to begin, to stop the cycle of never ending reborn of the phoenix? miss u mhan!

Kit said...

wonderfully and beautifully written as usual. and as for the pic, hey i guess i have competition now! haha.

dinuguan said...

the beggining of the end is usually just a fouling of a rotting mind.

we dont even have to start something if another ends. we just let it... end.

just excuse yourself without promises, that is.

and 'just' is a such a cruel word.

khalel said...

DA and Josh, Thanks you guys! Like a phoenix, rising from the ashes of the defunct, i shall be.

khalel said...

Kit, you are the master of the art but I will be its god! lol. Miss you man!



i've changed my blog address.

it's no longer but

have a nice day.

Diederick said...

When is your next post buddy? This one has been quite a while.

(Though I myself am not innocent of having silent periods on my blog; I always enjoy your poetry.)