Tuesday, February 19, 2008

[Un] burdened


This heart will not be
Tempted by your treacherous love


This heart will not be
Submerged in your untrue light


This heart does not go
Lightly and unsoiled from your despair


This heart leans toward
The righteous anger that sets it free

There is no room for you
This life, this heart,
This man
Turns away
Condemns you
Casts his demons,
Born at your betrayal,
Back to their makers feet.

You cannot have this heart
You cannot have my love
My trust

I dissolve what once was


Anonymous said...

still feeling a little bitter??? hey thx for d eb tol! i relly appreciate it for letting me in d aura of ur world! :) c u soon.

i'm glad u have a new post! ammm, shouldn't we revive the monthly G*Spot awards?...

Anonymous said...

i read again ur poem, sori.. ur emancipated na pala, free again. :)

cant_u_read said...

it's quite odd to be reading this post while we're chatting.

i refuse to comment. i'd rather attempt to fathom what's going on with you in reality.

chase said...


khalel said...

"To Be Hurt By Ouw Own Understanding of Love."

khalel said...


Anonymous said...


nqa2nite said...

I'm a big fan of your works... I keep coming back for more. You've also inspired me to start again my own blog. It's still under construction but It would be my honor if you visit my blog. Thanks.. Hope to read more stuff from you.

khalel said...

No nga2nite, Thank you. It is people like you that inspire to pick up the pieces and write again.... I promise ill be back soon enough.

nqa2nite said...

wow - lost for words

richard said...

ang ganda! ang galing! keep it up bro. invite na rin kita to view my site. www.rbjaravata.multiply.com