Tuesday, January 30, 2007


As the darkness that has been my companion threatens to escape, my quandary begins. The fact that it shouldn’t be a quandary at all makes little difference.

We have forged a relationship, a very unhealthy relationship to be sure, but a relationship nonetheless. Its’ departure is not necessarily a blessing at all. It should be, of course.

However, companionships of any kind can be a crutch difficult to let go, even unhealthy companionships such as this. The pain and agony that I have been faced with stay with me like an old friend at this point.

A friend who has worn out their welcome long ago can still be a friend, and an important one at that. But, I can’t help but wonder what I will do in its’ absence. I should embrace the departure and search for a better companionship. After all, that is the intelligent thing to do. However, I know from experience that only a fool believes it is that easy.

We are all reluctant to emerge and this is why I take a final look back at the friend I leave behind. Perhaps I hope to never see my old companion again…

Perhaps…I do not.

Gaytwogether for the Photo

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