Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The G* Spot Blog Winner

The G* Spot Blog of the Month (January 2007) Result:

1 Body 2 Souls - 1%

R*yan - 2%

Strictly Gay - 22%

Apollo and Hermes - 4%

Thomas from Paris - 3%

Strange Shades of Grey - 2%

All Aussie Beef - 61%

Male and Beautiful - 6%

Undoubtedly, ALL AUSSIE BEEF is the runaway winner this month with 61% of the 283 total votes cast in this month.

Some blog are given the ability to make your senses warm all over and ALL AUSSIE BEEF ladies and gentlemen is one of them. So be sure to fiund time to visit his blog at

1 comment:

Shaney said...

Congrats to "All Aussie Beef"
Although wasn't my pick...*winks*