Monday, December 18, 2006

Death of An Angel

The darkness grows as your light begins to die, and theres no place left for my anger to hide. Ever word you said, a screaming echo in my mind, amplified by passing time.

Take your fear out on me, turn your back and walk away like nothings left. But when you look back dont expect me to still be there. And dont point a finger at promises or lies when youre the one that walked away. A destroyed heart can no longer be broken so not a tear will be shed for you.

And if you should ever find me again you will only find my back towards you. I have been very generous with forgiveness but now you posses all that Ive had to give, so no guilt will be felt for your long-winded accusations. Yes, there is sympathy underlying the anger but that is a part of me you will no longer see. Im fighting now so you wont tear me down because I know sometime soon youre going to come around but not a single of your words are going to fix the damage of your abandonment.

Youre getting what you wanted as I'm slowly stepping away, so why are you still pushing? And why are you angry that I'm so far away? After all I'd sacrificed, and all that I was to give, you took them very ungratefully, and even my smallest requests were just too much for you to give. So make a wish my beautiful dying angel. Your single wish I will grant you, but dont you dare shed a tear when your thoughtless wish comes true.


dazedblu* said...

OMG. this photograph is really depicting a different means! death of an angel throws a big issue here.

i dunno but, for one reason i like seeing at a moment, but for those ppl who's pessimist wit their own thoughts

it's a one great filipino writer! i do appreciate this one.

khalel said...

thank you.