Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Death of A Spider | Khalel Zantillan

Lips singing a soft melody in the dark
Of journeys past and about to embark

Hands and feet are slowly failing
Soundless silence, an end to ailing

Outstretched arms, a delicate finger
A touch of life, no need to linger

Each broken leg lay eerily still
All is quiet, no time to kill

Sanguine blood staining the floor
An open gate, an open door

A face filled with jeweled tears
A thousand shards of broken mirrors

The heartbeats begin to fade
For that is the reason why he stayed


Just another poem to save my life.
I dont often reveal my vulnerable spot simply because I hate it when people see me as weak.

But then again, in each death... I will Live.

Ive said Thanks and expressed my love to those people are dearly close to me and my heart tonight. I hope you guys can do the same thing. Sometimes we get so busy and neglect to say this simple words.

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Thanks !!!


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