Monday, December 24, 2007

Lookin In


I am the aborted child; silenced before I found a voice
I am the pregnant teenager; who had no other choice
I am the high-schooler; gunned down before my prime
I am the homeless man; asking you to spare a dime
I am the fat kid in class; who never makes the team
I am a nation of outsiders; seeking one Philippine Dream

I am the poor girl in school; the one you love to tease
I am the old man in a home; forgotten, crippled by disease
I am the gay man; beaten; left to die on the street
I am the single parent; working 2 jobs to make ends meet
I am the hardworking man; just a little down on his luck
I’m the one you overlook; the one who won’t make the cut

I am the old woman; with cut benefits from Medicare
I am the suicidal teen; whose life was just too much to bear
I am the misguided youth; condemned to a life in a jail cell
I am the little six-year-old; praying to get out of this Hell
I am the heart of this country; the mix of Philippine’s melting pot
I am the starving kid on TV; that makes you realize just how much you’ve got

I am the mother who can’t feed her child when she cries
I am the promdi man you cannot look in the eyes
I am only what you want to see; for you never take a second glance
I could be so much more than that, but you’ll never give me the chance
All you see is the outside; you’ve decided what it is I should be
You judge this book by its cover; and never truly see me

Lezbo, Faggot, Pansy, Dyke;
All them people's just alike
Dego, Spic, Nigger, Chink;
They roll so quickly; no need to think
Geezer, Deadbeat, Lazy, Weak
Why can’t foreigners learn to speak
Degenerate, White-Trash, Wino, Whore
Spending welfare checks at the liquor store
Hate them, hate them, hate them ALL
They’re the cause of Philippine’s Fall

We cannot change the world today, the pain the hate the sorrow
The task is set upon us all to build today’s tomorrow
Will we finally end this fight, or will simply dance the dance
Will we offer an equal share, or deny our brothers their chance
Will we create a brave new world, or make the same mistakes
From here on in, it’ll be our fault for the form the future takes
No one else can carry us now, brothers, sisters, take my hand
We are the people we’ve been waiting for; Now’s our time to stand.


"People Works Overtime to Destroy this World. And I have realized how foolish to take an day off from doing my part."

I'm back.

I miss you all.

Merry Christmas Guys!



Merry Christmas! :-)

AJ of said...

Welcome back and Happy Holidays!

chase said...

wow.. im dumbfounded by this post..

merry christmas.. khalel!

absoluterik said...


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to the one i consider a lit god... hehehe... MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! i hope you're holiday's a blast...

A K I S said...

A Happy New Year to you my friend!
All my best to you and your loved ones for a new year filled with loved, joy and prosperity.

imakidatheart said...

Khalel, a.k.a. Cairo, I never imagined I'll find your active blog. It was back in college when I had a link of your used-to-be-active site in my blog. Now, while looking around blogosphere I found "Khalel" and I thought, you must be kidding me. But then I only got acquainted with one Khalel so it's worth checking and, alas, it's you again. Glad to be reading your posts again. :)

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Now IS our time to stand. This piece was... wow... powerful & true in many respects, but also so sad and gloomy. Why do we dwell so much in the negative and the dark? Why not embrace the warmth and the light? I find that one of hte secrets to life is in doing exactly that -- embracing the light. Happy belated Christmas and blessed New Year. 2008 offers soooo much in renewed HOPE and SPIRIT. Let's walk INTO the LIGHT.

Anonymous said...

Khalel,my idol,how r u? Happy new year! musta na d2? i think i still got d wrong no of ur cell? :(

khalel said...

Cheers TO YOU aLL!

wanderingcommuter said...


Bryan Anthony the First said...

stand na kung stand
now na