Monday, November 26, 2007

A Vision of Death

All of the sudden I feel I am stranded on a limbo. I feel there is so much going inside me and that I cant figure out how can I escape from the war growing within the houses in me. All of the sudden I seems to be not the same undaunted person I used to be. I feel weak every each passing day, like a vampire that haven’t quench his thirst for blood for days seemingly wanting yet depriving himself of the fresh kill to touch his lips.


Absurdity have engulf me into a vortex of sheer insanity. Truly a manifestation of the war of the houses within me are growing. The unvisited are shouting, screaming, demanding for more.


How many times have He tried to escape the vicious swamp I have put him into but the dubious bars have kept him captive.


I have deluded myself for so long in fairytale and illusions that I will be save by a mantric thought. For century I have believe in a power so divine will save me amidst the mire.


He is becoming more restless. Demanding for freedom. Rebellion was in his faculty. Waiting for that moment to surge from the quiescent oblivion that kept him powerless.


Each drop is like gasoline. Feeding him with His collection of strength. Fueling him for his anticipated surge.


In my death, He will live.


Reyville of Simply Manila said...

U know what, I think you should spend some time to write for and join the Palanca Awards.

M A N T R A said...

how ironic.