Friday, September 02, 2005

kufal: Episode II

"Sumakay ka na nga! Mauna ka na, magtataxi na lanag ako! I can take care of myself... Di mo naman ako love eh..."

We decided to call it a night (ay, morning na yun eh... its almost 3 am already). Me, being the gentleman that I am (hahaha, gentleman! lolz) opted to let him get the first cab to come along our way. But he insist that I should go already because I told him that I am still meeting some friends for a coffee at cafe adriatico. But I insisted I get him a cab first.

"Hmpft, nag iinarte pa eh di mo naman ako love..." he said.

I just returned him a smile because until that time I still cant find it in my heart what I truly feel for him. Siguro nga kasi medyo natatakot ako sa kanya. I was practically threathen by his lifestyle. Although admittedly, I barely know the real him.

The cab came and with a hand its stopped for us and he quickly went in. Then I went my way to see my friends at cafe adriatico.

That meeting was followed by another and another... until...

(to be continued)

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